The latest tips for Caring for a Car Properly

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For most people, owning a vehicle or car is a necessity to support human activities, be it for transportation while working, vacation or tourism needs, family interests and even buying a car for prestige. So whatever your purpose of owning the car is, of course, it is important that you know tips on how to care for the vehicle properly, so that the money you spend on buying the vehicle is not in vain, because of a trivial problem you are removing a high crocodile to care for it.

For this reason, on this page, we pack the latest tips on caring for the car properly, giving a little guidance so that your vehicle lasts longer, such as fuel consumption which will affect engine performance, as well as regular oil changes, caring for the radiator so that your car is not fast. heat or overheating including free car check the air conditioner and periodic servicing, so that later you can be safe and comfortable during the trip.

The procedure for caring for a car, be it a new or used vehicle, can not only be done by a mechanic, but there are also several things that are trivial and can be done alone, which are also important enough so that your car remains durable, prime with maximum performance. Starting from external maintenance such as car paint, lights to caring for your vehicle engine to keep it durable.

How to care for automatic and manual cars is almost the same, only different maintenance on engine parts, which of course requires an expert mechanic to handle it, including the addition of various accessories in the vehicle. And here are the latest tips on caring for your car.

Ways and tips for caring properly

Maintain car paint

Clean and shiny paint colors are certainly a visual appearance that makes your car look beautiful and attractive. Some things that make the paint dull quickly due to exposure to direct sunlight, so try to park the vehicle in a shady place, including nighttime dew, so you must have a parking space that is protected by a roof. To treat paint, use a special detergent to wash the car and don’t just use it, including the cloth used is a soft cloth. How to care for this you can do yourself so that your car paint can last longer.

Change oil regularly

For oil changes, you can do it in an authorized repair shop, records and records of oil changes will be given to you and can be hung in the car to make it easier for you to remember. If you lose the record you also don’t need to be confused, because in the official repair shop there is a recording or record of the oil change, so you just have to call customer service. The engine oil itself has a resistance of 5,000 – 10,000 km. Manual checking can be done at home by pulling out the oil stick and measuring the oil volume level and also checking the oil level whether there is a lot of dirt or not.

Use of fuel

Tips for caring for the next car, namely using the right fuel, will certainly make your car engine last longer. In this case, it is calculated from the octane value (RON) of the fuel, the higher the octane of the fuel oil (BBM), the higher the pressure will be before the fuel burns spontaneously. And the smaller the octane, the longer the fuel burns and will cause a sound or knocking in the car engine, in extreme cases the piston can be damaged. For this reason, today’s output cars require high compression so that they require a higher octane.

Take care of car tires

Tips for caring for your car will certainly not be separated with tires which are a factor of comfort and safety in driving, tires that are well maintained will extend its life. The air pressure in each material must be considered, car history check if you often have a lot of passengers, you can set the highest pressure, if a little passenger uses the minimum wind pressure. Also pay attention not to carry more passengers than recommended, drive at the speed limit according to the ability of the tires, wash and clean the tires if needed to be polished so that tire elasticity is maintained.

Do spooring and balancing

While on the road, pay attention to the balance of the vehicle, whether the car is pulled to the left or right, if that happens, do spooring and balancing so that the vehicle’s speed can be balanced free vehicle check history. If it is allowed to damage the tire tread and damage the legs of the car.