Things to Look For When Buying a Used Cars

There are many considerations to decide to buy a used cars rather than buying a new cars. The most popular is the issue of price and budget. You need to be careful and thorough when choosing a used car that is most suitable for you. If you are not careful, buying a used cars can be frustrating because the costs for repairs may be more expensive than we think. Here are some tips when buying a used cars:

Used Cars

Adjust the budget you have

When going to buy a used cars, whether you buy cash or credit, you must take into account your budget capabilities. If you buy on credit, the installment should be no more than 20% of your monthly income. In addition, also prepare a repair fund of at least 30% of the price of the car you are going to buy. We can’t really believe what used cars salespeople say about the weaknesses of the cars they sell. Therefore, whatever the circumstances, every time you buy a car, immediately replace parts that have a service life of not more than a year and must be replaced.

Decide What Car You Want

You have to make a list of the cars you want to make it easier to hunt used cars according to your budget. Then also determine the model and brand, so it doesn’t spread everywhere later. For example, if you want to have a sedan, then you have to determine which manufacturer you choose.

Do a Price Survey

The price of a used cars generally does not differ much from one seller to another. With the same conditions, the price is certainly not far adrift. Therefore you should be suspicious if there are used cars at prices far below the market. Do a price survey on car sales sites, in used cars market places and ask relatives who understand car prices. Keep in mind, the price of the car will be according to its condition. There could be a used cars with a very high price because it is in very good condition.

Prioritize a Used Cars that is Close to Where You Live

To search for a car, you also need to filter the target car from the distance traveled, price, features and the distance whether the car is close to a repair shop or dealer. However, because of the ease of technology, looking for a used cars of course can also be done through online buying and selling sites to save more time.

Carefully Research Vehicle History

Vehicle history includes service history, accident history and taxes. Buying from a close friend or family member is safer. Of course the history of the vehicle will be known clearly. You can do a vehicle history check from the insurance or police. Because, the car can also be checked from the vehicle ID number.

Do a Test Drive First

If you have found the car you want, try asking for a test drive. This is the most appropriate way to assess whether the car is still worthy and the condition is really the best. You have to feel carefully while driving, from getting into the wheelhouse to how visibility is behind the wheel.

Avoid Seeing Cars at Night

Do a physical check in bright daylight. Never check at night or in the dark. Because the car body and its condition will be easily seen clearly during the day or when it is very bright. Dull paint or impact marks so that the paint is not uniform will not be visible at night. When checking, it’s a good idea to bring a colleague or mechanic who is a mechanical expert. This is often done so that when buying a car, you don’t feel cheated because of a lack of knowledge about the engine or the car itself.