Engine Layouts Explained

Engines come in all different shapes and sizes, but when referring to them, you often only hear about the capacity and the cylinder layout. While anybody who works on engines understands the differences, most normal car owners are completely unaware of the differences and why they exist.

The Layouts

There is a shockingly large amount of engine layouts around, with some being a lot rarer than others. Radial engines, W engines, narrow banked V and a lot of other styles have fallen into relative obscurity, for the most part in today’s auto market, the styles are limited to straight, v and flat.

  • Straight – The straight layout is the most common layout of engines on the market today. The word “straight” refers to all the cylinders being in a straight line with each other.
  • V – V engines are still relatively common in the higher capacity engines, V6 and V8 being the most notable of the lot. The V indicates that there are two banks of cylinders in a V pattern. A v8 would have two banks of four cylinders each. While the angle of the v can change, most v engines subscribe to a 72° or a 90° arch. Whenever there is a space which is less than 180° between the banks, we refer to the motor as a V
  • Flat – Flat engines are on the less common side, today only being produced by Subaru and Porsche, they are still very relevant motors. The “flat” refers to the
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Toyota Is Changing The Battery Game

Over the last two decades, Toyota has put a lot of effort into understanding and making the best use of alternative fuels and ways of powering cars. From hydrogen and Polymer electrolyte fuel cells to further development in the life span and output of the current industry standard battery tech, lithium-ion. Toyota really has been one of the biggest manufacturers making the push to a greener future.

We have long known that Toyota is working on solid state battery, as have many other research companies and manufacturers, but there has never seemed to be much headroom made in the matter, until now. At CES 2022 Toyota lead scientist, Gill Pratt, confirmed Toyota’s intention to have its first solid state battery equipped vehicle for sale at your local dealership by 2025.

Who Else

While Toyota may currently hold the lead in this game changing technology, they are far from the only manufacturer to be pushing towards solid state batteries. BMW, Ford, Hyundai, General Motors, Kia, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen have all been making investments and strides to the furthering of solid state battery technology. Reports say other auto manufacturers are investigating the technology as well, however, there is no set proof to show that this is actually the case.

What Is Solid State

Solid state batteries are batteries that use solid electrodes and solid electrolyte, where batteries like lithium-ion make use of a polymer gel electrolyte. It may seem like solid state batteries are at the cusp of technological progress, but they … Read More

Johnson’s Automotive Services

automotive servicesHave your computerized windows stopped rolling down all the way in which? Or have the lights inside your automotive gone haywire? Contact Simpsonville Automotive LLC right now to run diagnostics on your electrical issues in your automotive vehicle. We are happy with the long standing relationship we have earned with our prospects over time.

Best Buy Tire Pros supplies these services for each overseas and home autos in the Glendale and Norwalk City and Los Angeles County areas and offer them at aggressive prices. Take this opportunity to browse the Best Buy Tire Pros website or name us at both of our Locations. At Earhart’s Collision & Automotive Service, our objective is to offer the very best high quality auto repairs, together with exceptional customer support.

Luckily, at Simon Auto Service we can deal with all routine inspections. Maintenance can go a long way when it comes to keeping your automotive in peak situation. When you obtain upkeep guidelines, you take motion against future expensive repairs.

Check your proprietor…™s guide for detailed info on how typically to inspect or substitute issues similar to oil and filter, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, fuel, air and cabin filters, drive or timing belts, and more. At Best Buy Tire Pros, we now have the instruments and expertise to correctly service your car on a regular basis. This is well the best auto service within Marathon county, and I’ve been in all places. The customer service is on par with a … Read More

Latest Car News and Reviews

auto news

How a lot progress do you expect within the MHCV segment after the vehicle scrappage policy implementation?

Automotive IT was started in 1997 specializing in the auto IT business and solutions. Automotive News China launched in 2006 and is published in each simplified Chinese and English. Today, Automotive News is part of Crain Communications’ Automotive News Group.

Nissan New X-Trail

Toyota has confirmed that there might be a second era of the rear-wheel-drive sports vehicles, and we won’t wait. This cutesy idea car teases the subsequent technology of Nissan’s electric automobiles and driver-assistance tech. The man who offered the first Ford Mustang made, which was meant for show before sales of the popular muscle automobile began in 1964, is headed to the Henry Ford in Dearborn. Looking for an affordable automotive or SUV? Ford, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Buick and Honda are set to launch autos priced under $30K in the next 12 months.

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Auto restore

automotive servicesComplete auto care is our specialty. From maintenance to restore we do it all. Things like advances in spark plug expertise, and the improved efficiency of the combustion system, have increased the time between basic engine maintenance services drastically.

Advantage Automotive Service & Sales is your premier automotive restore and upkeep option with exceptional service at below vendor costs! You received’t discover another repair facility that will take better care of YOU and YOUR VEHICLE. M & R Automotive Service provides a couple of completely different preventative maintenance plans the place you can deliver your vehicle to receive specific preventative upkeep companies or you can simply schedule any one of our companies any time you would like. The job of a autos steering and suspension is to maximise the friction between the tires and the highway. In flip, this provides stability, dealing with and luxury in the car’s experience.

Your battery provides the electrical service to begin your car when it’s not running. It also serves as a reserve capacitor to guard sensitive electronics on your automotive from voltage spikes originating from the alternator. A unhealthy battery will normally trigger your car not to start, however in extreme failures, it can cause your automotive to die on the road. Extreme climate conditions such as heat or freezing chilly temperatures can cause a weak battery to fail. Have your battery examined to check its efficiency.

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