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In the absence of clinical enchancment or if deterioration occurs after the preliminary treatment, a second injection with an additional EpiPen® auto injector may be administered 5 – 15 minutes after the primary injection. It is really helpful that patients are prescribed two EpiPen® auto injectors which they need to carry always. It is designed for simple use by the lay person and must be thought-about as first aid. EpiPen® auto injector delivers a single dose 0.3 ml injection equal to zero.3 mg adrenaline when activated. Usual adrenaline adult dose for allergic emergencies is zero.three mg.

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A second injection with an extra EpiPen® could also be needed (see section 4.2). There is a risk of antagonistic reactions following adrenaline administration in sufferers with excessive intraocular pressure, extreme renal impairment, prostatic adenoma leading to residual urine, hypercalcaemia and hypokalaemia. In patients with Parkinson’s disease, adrenaline may be related to a transient worsening of Parkinson’s signs similar to rigidity and tremor. As EpiPen® auto injector is designed as emergency remedy solely, the affected person ought to be suggested to all the time … Read More